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Newsletter W/C 10th June 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,


Election Flyers

The Elementary community are looking at the upcoming election. We want to offer the children some further information; with that in mind could we please ask that you bring in any one page election flyers that you get through the door? The one-page summaries are great reading opportunities as well as being simple "one liners" on key policy promises which we can explore with the children.

Upcoming dates for your diary

Tuesday 25th June School Photos-We have a photographer booked to come on Tuesday 25th June for school photos. The photographer will do individual and sibling photos as well as whole class and the whole school photos. If your child does not normally attend on Tuesdays then please do drop them off at 9am with a view to collecting them again at 10am. If you wish your child to change clothes after the photos please just bring a bag with spare clothing and let us know - we will do our best to ensure the children remain neat and tidy until after their photos (!).If you do not wish your child to be photographed, either individually or in the class/school photos then please let us know. Proofs of the photos will be provided shortly after the session and there is no obligation to buy any photos.

Friday 5th & Saturday 6th July Parent Meetings- a signup link will be sent in due course. Meetings will be held in your child's classroom on the Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. If you are unable to attend please let us know and we will offer an alternative arrangement.

Wednesday 10th July Ballet Show- This is for parents and carers of the Children's House community. The show will be held in the afternoon between 2-3pm; we will confirm timings closer to the time.

Thursday 11th July Music Concert-This will take place straight after drop-off.All children will be involved and everyone is welcome to attend. Children who are learning a musical instrument outside of school are welcome to take part. Please do let us know if your child would like to perform so we can support them appropriately.

Wednesday 17th July Sports Day and Picnic- Everyone is welcome, please bring along your own picnic to watch the events. We invite you to come along at 11am to make your way through to the garden.


Further to our notice last week about parking we have witnessed ongoing discord related to parking in Spencer Road. As you know the Montessori approach is, first and foremost, a pedagogy for peace and we continue to strive to arrive at arrangements which enable us all to share scare resources in a harmonious way. This is a great opportunity for adults to role model to the children how we can resolve our differences in a respectful and considerate way. We are exploring the rights and obligations of both residents and parents with the parking team at Surrey County Council and we look forward to sharing further information in the near future.


Children's House

This week in the Children’s House, the children were delighted to discover that there were fourteen ripe strawberries in the garden at the beginning of the week. They have been studying them most days, (sometimes even using a magnifying glass) and watering them and so, on seeing the juicy ripe fruit, there was a definite flurry of excitement. A couple of our younger children picked them, and after washing them, they were enjoyed for snack. The sheer joy of seeing the children enjoying the fruits (no pun intended) of their nurture and care and then the pleasure of them eating the produce is a wonderful thing.

With their high levels of calcium, eggshells are a great fertiliser for many plants and so we have been crushing and grinding some to sprinkle on our plants. This is harder that it sounds as, using a pestle and mortar, the child has to crush the shells to a very fine powder which requires a great deal of strength and perseverance. (Please do feel free to send in any washed eggshells next week so that we may continue).

In yoga, Miss Hayley told the story ‘I Love You, Daddy’ (which we also have been enjoying reading throughout the week)and suggested ways to makes our dad feel special on Sunday, maybe allowing him a lie-in or making him breakfast, a cold one though, unless we have a grown up help us use the oven.

In advance of Father’s Day on Sunday, we have been reading ‘I Love You Daddy’ and talking about all the lovely things we enjoy doing with our dads; “I love his kisses”, “I love it when he throws me in the air and catches me” were just a couple of comments from the children. The children have enjoyed creating cards for their dads with the older children writing their own messages, so you have a lovely surprise on Sunday.

In cooking, we made spinach and cheese balls using the spinach from the garden, which has been quite prolific this year. With the addition of chia seeds, we rolled them into balls before cooking.

In sports, we practised throwing and catching a tennis ball without it bouncing (for the older children). Again, we played the ‘tag’ game which the children enjoyed. However, we noticed that some children, of all ages, find it difficult to accept when they are not ‘tagged’ first, or don’t win at a game. We talked about how it is the taking part in team sports and having fun which is important, not just winning. This is something you can easily practise at home, be it races in the garden/park, board games etc so that a child becomes accustomed to having fun and getting real enjoyment from taking part rather than winning!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and that all dads are thoroughly spoiled.


Our week has been punctuated with voting and democratic processes. Some of the children have become interested in the upcoming election which has prompted us to offer some presentations on how government and taxes work. We hope to look more closely at the election process and some of the policies of the various parties who are running for election. If you have any spare flyers at home we would love to build a collection that the children can look at and discuss.

We also had occasion to hold a couple of votes this week. In the garden we noticed that the Elementary children were playing a game that was getting quite rough; we explained to them that their game was impacting on the enjoyment of our younger friends in the Children's House community. The following day the game was even rougher so we invited the children to vote (on a slip of paper) if they thought the game was fine or too rough, the votes were equal and there were two spoiled ballots so Yvonne had the casting vote. There was a fair amount of disappointment as the children felt their game wouldn't be as much fun with changes to make it safer for all; but compromise is part of living in a group. Our second vote was held to choose our next read aloud book. The children were read what was on the back of two books without seeing them (let's not judge a book by its cover!) and were again invited to cast their vote. This time the vote was unanimous and the children were delighted to listen to "The Witch in the Cupboard" short stories throughout the week.

In Yoga, Miss Hayley began with a sun salutation which was new to some of the newer members of the community. Continuing her work up the body the focus this week was on the children's tummies. The gut is a second brain in the body and is incredibly important to our health, often holding strong emotions. Hayley took the children through a series of poses and twists working on strengthening the core.

Our visit to Tiltwood was delayed from last week and the residents and children were equally excited to play some large garden games (inside!) floor snakes and ladders and inflatable hoopla. We have been invited to attend Tiltwood's sports day on Wednesday 3rd July when the children will be teamed up with a resident each.

Sports this week was held at school in the garden; There were a few disappointments, people not being picked for the team they wanted, or getting the ball they wanted or feeling that some were celebrating too much - all these little slights feel much harder to deal with at the end of a long and tiring week. However, the children did manage to play a small football tournament as their group is growing larger!

On that note, with younger members joining Elementary may we ask that you observe your children outside school in the morning. Some of the younger children may not yet have the skills or confidence to object if an older child gives a nudge/tap/jostle whilst in the queue. However friendly the intention, some children find this attention unwelcome. The agreement inside school is that we don't touch another person or their belongings without their permission.

We hope that all dads have a lovely day on Sunday and we will need scooters for Friday sports please.

Kind regards,



School Events

School Photos

Tuesday 25th June 2024

A photographer from Concept Photography will come along to school to capture individual, sibling, class and whole school photos.  You might like to send your child in with a change of clothes for after the photos and we will do our best to keep them away from the paints until after the pictures are taken! 

Parent Meetings 

Friday 5th & Saturday 6th July 2024

Parents and carers are invited to attend a meeting to explore your child's progress throughout the year.  We will send out a signup link closer to the time.  Meetings will be held in your child's classroom; if you are unable to attend in person then please let us know so we can offer a zoom link.  

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Tuesday 25th June School Photos

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