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Dear Parents


School Photos:

On Thursday 13th May we have a new school photographer coming to take individual and group photos of the children. If your child doesn't normally attend on Thursday but you would like them to be in the photos please drop them off as usual at 9.00am and return to collect your child at 10.00am. IF YOUR CHILD ATTENDS ON THURSDAYS BUT YOU DO NOT WANT THEM TO BE IN ANY OF THE PHOTOS PLEASE LET US KNOW. You will receive a proof of the photos of your child(ren) and you will be able to decide then whether or not you would like to buy any of them.

Parent Consultation on Relationships and Sex Education Policy: We are required to consult with parents on our Relationships and Sex Education policy and you will shortly receive an email with further details inviting you to submit any comments. 

Transparent Classroom: During our recent parent meetings, some families enquired about the possibility of accessing progress photographs of their child's work online. With this in mind we are conducting a trial of 'Transparent Classroom' this term with a view to making it easier for us to share information with you about your child's progress. More details to follow when we have figured it out!


In the Infant Community we have been looking at wildlife and learning the names of animals looking at the language cards.  

We've had fun in the garden during the windy weather designing our own kites and seeing how far they can fly!

In the Children's House the children have been caring for the seeds which, amazingly, have sprouted into plants and the children have been staking up some of the beans.   We have been carefully grinding eggshells to use as a fertiliser for them.

Following the release of the butterflies last week, brought in by one of the children, there has been lots of interest in lifecycles and we have been reading a book about tadpoles and frogs.  This exploration prompted another child to bring in a chrysalis from home and it is now on the nature shelf for all of the children to examine.

In cooking, we made cheese scones week and this week the children made some delicious sugar free banana muffins using Lithuanian honey - lots of measuring, how many zeros in 200, for those able to recognise large numbers, and discussions on what happens to bananas as they darken.

In the garden, there has been some lovely collaboration with the racquets and balls, hitting high and low.

In Elementary, the children explored the feeling of jealousy during their yoga class this week.

We went on a treasure hunt following compass directions and practised map reading during Forest School. Along the way, we met a lame duck (literally!) and the children were very caring and concerned for the injured bird. Back at HQ, one of the children reported the sighting to Painshill staff and all were very relieved to learn that the bird was born like that and was leading a perfectly happy life on the lake with the other ducks. .

In art, we have been trying out a paper craft technique called Iris Folding and in music we are listening to 'A Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra' by Benjamin Britten.

Some of the younger Elementary children have been reading aloud to the children in the Children's House and Infant Community, fostering their sense of responsibility toward the younger children.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards


School Hours

Monday - Thursday


Children's House & Infant Community Morning Sessions:  9.00am-12.15pm


Lunch:  12.15pm-1.15pm


Children's House Afternoon Sessions:






Children's House & Infant Community Morning Sessions:  9.00am-12.15pm


Lunch:  12.15pm-1.15pm

Term Dates

School Term Dates 2020/21

Autumn Term

Mon 7th September 2020 -  Fri 18th December 2020

(Half Term 26th-30th October)

Spring Term

Wed 6th January 2021 - Thurs 1st April 2021

(Half Term 15th-19th February)

Summer Term

Tues 20th April 2021 - Friday 16th July 2021

(Half Term 1st-4th June)

School Events

School Photos

Thursday 13th May

Whole school and individual photos will be availiable to purchase within a few weeks.

May Half Term

31st May-4th June

we look forward to welcoming the children back on Monday 7th June

Queen's Birthday Garden Party

Friday 11th June

Dependent on Covid restrictions, we plan to hold a garden party - we will provide more details closer to the time.   

Parents Meetings

Week commencing 21st June

We will be holding our parents meetings via zoom; we will send the sign-up link via email and will send you the zoom link in due course.  

Half Term

31st May - 4th June

We look forward to the children coming back on Monday 7th June 

Sports Day

Thursday 8th July

We will hold a sports day this year, depending on restrictions we may be able to invite parents, if not then we will endeavour to broadcast the event via Zoom!