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Newsletter W/C 13th November 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


Coffee Morning - 'We Love Reading!'

Due to 'operator error' we didn't hold the planned coffee morning this week. Following a brief consultation with some parents at the door, it seems that it will suit families better if we offer this session on reading as an evening slot via Zoom. We suggest Tuesday 21st November at 8.30pm for 1 hour. Please let us know if you are interested in attending and, if so, if the date/time suit.

Inset Day - Friday 17th November - School Closed

Another reminder that the school will be closed on Friday 17th November so that staff can attend training in London. We are hearing about some exciting plans which some children have made for their unusual 'day off'!


With the onset of late Autumn and Winter well on its way it's worth making sure that your children are bringing suitable clothing and extra layers for when they play in the garden. We encourage the children to wear waterproof trousers (provided by us) in the garden which is now very wet and muddy! However, we have noticed that some children are not bringing a warm/waterproof coat. Some children might benefit from having gloves as the temperature drops - especially for Elementary when scooting!


Children's House

We are studying the work of the artist Henri Matisse and the children have been enjoying making collage artwork. Some of the older children have made quite intricate designs whilst the younger children have been exploring colour, shape and practising how to apply glue carefully.

In yoga, Miss Hayley began the session by reminding the children that it’s not good for our bodies to sit with ‘W’ legs - if you notice your child doing this invite them to point their toes backwards rather than to either side or to cross their legs instead. This will protect their delicate knee joints. She took the children through the story of ‘The Witch who loved to make Children Cry’. We had cackling witches, a technique to release anger; shake it to break it (which works very well), sandwiches and a train - all good fun with a happy ending.

During a group singing the birthday song to a friend(the Earth goes round the sun), one of the older children told us “it takes a year for the earth to go round the sun”. It also led to a lively conversation about different time zones, and why the sun is in different countries at different times. “It’s tomorrow in Australia now” and “my Uncle Paul lives in a different country, I don’t know how old he is”.

In ballet, the older group have been practising ‘Port de bras’ (carriage of the arms)- the foundation of the use of the arms in ballet. All the children looked most skillful in this difficult part of a dance. The younger group were miming ‘on the beach’, being reminded that miming means not making a sound, a small challenge for some!

Some children chose to ‘work’ outside this week and we observed some lovely collaboration on leaf raking. Concentration and turn taking was evident in this chosen activity.

In cooking we made lemon and poppy seed biscuits decorated with red icing with a sprinkle of poppy seeds to make the centre of the biscuit. We talked about poppy seeds deriving from the poppy flower. When the children were asked the meaning of wearing poppies during November, one child immediately said “we remember people in the wars”. Whilst juicing the lemon, the children remarked on how refreshing the aroma was, “but they are sour to eat”. The finished results looked most impressive and the children were all proud of their bakes.


In Elementary we have had enjoyed a number of presentations of completed work, with some of the older children demonstrating much improvement in the clarity and confidence of their presentations. As ever, research topics vary but we were treated to four complementary pieces of research arising from the Timeline of Life,, focusing on life on Earth long before the evolution of humans. We heard about the Carboniferous, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods and about some of the flora and fauna which typified each period, as well as some interesting facts like mass extinctions, or major changes in the Earth's land masses and atmosphere.

We had another visit to the Tiltwood care home where one child was excited to teach a resident how to play chess. The resident was equally delighted as nobody on the staff knew how to play the game let alone teach it! For the children these visits seem like just a great hour out of the classroom to play games; however, we see these visits as far more enriching than that. The children are exposed to unknown, and often people who are different from anyone else in the child's life. The children must meet the residents at their level, often repeating questions or moving the counters in a game which the resident is physically or cognitively unable to participate fully in. This is a great opportunity to develop empathy and understanding and respect for different life experiences.

In Yoga Miss Hayley took the children through an eye meditation using candles to provide focus.

Jess returned this week and the school joined together to learn some new songs for the Christmas show (is it too early to mention Christmas???). The children quickly picked up a new tune and have already started learning the words.

Sports was football again and the children spent a long time practising their attack and defence skills, manoeuvring all over the pitch, running and changing direction.

We too discussed the symbol of the poppy to mark Remembrance Day, focussing on our gratitude to all the humans who have served succeeding generations through their own sacrifice. All of the children showed great restraint and respect during our two minute silence.

We hope you all have a lovely week.

Kind regards,





School Events

Autumn Open Morning   

Saturday 25th November 9.30am-11am 

All prospective parents are invited to attend a talk with the Head of School.  We will share with you what is involved in Montessori schooling so that you can make and informed decision about making this schooling choice for your child.  Staff will be on hand to show you around the facilities as well as answer any questions you might have about materials and practical questions about how we operate.  Please apply using the enquiries form on our website so that we know to expect you.  

Children's Christmas Party 

Wednesday 13th December 2023 

All children are welcome to attend our Christmas party.  Drop off as usual at 9am and collect at 12.15 if your child does not normally attend on a Tuesday.  We will have entertainment and some party food; we will send a list of the party food closer to the time.  

Christmas Show

Thursday 14th December 2023 

Parents, grandparents, carers, aunties, uncles and siblings are all invited to watch our Christmas Show.  We hope you enjoy our "creation".    

Christmas Crafternoon

Thursday 14th December 2023 

Families are welcome to join us in our tradition of Christmas crafting for the afternoon after the Chrismas Show.   


Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th November  Parent Meetings

Wednesday 8th November  Coffee Morning - We Love Reading!

Friday 17th November INSET Training day - school will be closed

Saturday 25th November (postponed from 7th October) Autumn Open Morning for Prospective Families


Wednesday 13th December TBC – Christmas Party for the children

Thursday 14th December TBC – Late Morning – Christmas Show - all families invited

Thursday 14th December TBC – Afternoon – Christmas Crafts for Children and their Families

Friday 15th December  End of Autumn Term - close at 12.15pm


Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd January  Inset Days

Thursday 4th January Start of Spring Term

Friday 19th January Coffee Morning – Subject TBC


Saturday 3rd February Spring Open Morning for Prospective Parents

Monday 12th - Friday 16th February Half Term

MARCH 2024

Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd March Parent Meetings

Tuesday 5th March Coffee Morning - Subject TBC

Thursday 28th March - End of Spring Term close at 12.15

APRIL 2024

Monday 15th April Inset Day

Tuesday 16th April Start of Summer Term

MAY 2024

Friday 3rd May Coffee Morning Subject TBC

Monday 6th May Spring Bank Holiday

Saturday 11th May Summer Open Morning for Prospective Parents 

Monday 27th - Friday 31st May Half Term

JUNE 2024

Tuesday 11th June  Coffee Morning - Subject TBC

JULY 2024

Friday 5th & Saturday 6th July  Parent Meetings

Wednesday 10th July Ballet Show

Wednesday 17th July Sports Day and Picnic

Thursday 18th July End of Summer Term close at 12.15

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